Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY Corner Bookmark

Hi everyone! I know it's been awhile and I promise to try my best to blog more! I've bee doing a lot more reading on my commute to work and decided to make myself a simple, yet functional bookmark! This corner bookmark is super easy to make and you can really personalize it and make it your own. Keep on reading to see how to make one! :)

- Ruler
- Scissors
- Paper
- Markers, pens, pencils etc.

I used a plain sheet of paper but you can use cardstock or construction paper of any color to personalize your bookmark! Make it really fun!


1. Using my ruler, I cut the sheet of paper down into a 5x5 square. Then I trimmed the edges so that they were even on both sides, like in the picture below.

2. Now (this gets a little weird to descibe), cut what would be a small square out of one side of your paper. You should have an "arrow" shape now!

3. Fold the two ends of your "arrow" down so that you have a small square! After the second flap, take some tape or glue to secure it in place. Double sided tape works well or roll up your tape so that you won't be able to see it.

4. Decorate and personalize your bookmark! I wanted to keep mine fairly simple but decided to write a quote about reading on the back. Cheesy, I know... :)

Here's my Corner Bookmark!

What I've learned:

- Mark your measurements down in pencil lightly. They help a lot and you can go back to erase them.
- Whie plain paper works pretty well, I think using cardstock would be better especially if you want your bookmark to last you a long time.

I've recently started reading a lot more books which is actually part of my New Year's Resolution so this DIY Corner Bookmark project was great! I hope you liked this simple craft and that you try it out for yourself. What books are you guys reading and do you have any recommendations?

Alison :)

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