Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Center Piece

It's the first day of December and I'm sure many of you want to do crafts for the holidays! Today I'm going to be making a Christmas center piece. I'm probably going to put it on a bookshelf or side table just as a little Christmas cheer but I hope you like this and find a place for a mini Christmas tree!

- Tin Foil
- One-sided sticky Green felt (from your local craft store)
- Birthday/party hat
- 1 empty toilet paper roll
- Tissue paper
- Glue
- Almond Hersey kisses (mostly for the gold foil, and a snack when you're crafting!)
- Newspaper/magazine (optional)


1. First, take a toilet paper roll and glue it into your birthday hat. This is the base for your tree a.k.a. the tree trunk! Don't forget to take the birthday hat string off, hehe. I had some trouble getting it to stay, so I stuffed the tip of the hat with a balled up magazine page. ^.^

2. Now cut up your felt into squares/diamond shapes! With first few squares, lay them overlapping each other and so that the corners hang off the side. Because the felt has adhesive on the back already, I cut some small triangular pieces to stick onto the back so that there's no sticky parts exposed.

 3. Keep layering the felt squares up the tree until you get to the top. For the top of the tree, I took a square and cut 6 slits into it so that I could lay the square on the top of the tree and have the sides fold down smoothly.

4. Now I took some time to clean everything up a bit. Trim the bottom of your tree where parts of the birthday hat is showing. Make sure all your felt square are sticking and that your tree stump is still in place! After this step, you've got your Christmas tree ready, and all you have to do now is decorate it!

5. I kind of got crazy with scrounging around my apartment to find stuff to decorate my Christmas tree with... With some Hersey Kiss (Almond) wrappers, I made a star!

I used some tin foil to make "tinsel", and some rolled up tissue paper as small ornaments! Red tissue paper to stick with the Christmas theme. :)

 What I've learned:

- Making a star out of foil is a lot harder than you think! Layer each piece of foil on top of each other so that it won't fall apart.
- Get creative with your ornaments! I thought about using buttons too!
- Make sure you plan/place your felt squares strategically. I had to use every last bit to cover the party hat!

Here's my finished Christmas tree!

I hope you liked this post and are as excited for the holidays as I am! Now that I've decorated my mini tree, maybe I should get a my real Christmas tree and decorate it. I thought of this idea on my own (although I'm sure other people have done things similar to it), so let me know what you think!

Happy crafting!

Alison :)

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