Friday, July 13, 2012

Button Bracelet

Hi! As my very first craft/diy project, I am making my own button bracelet! I've seen a lot of these online, and it seemed to be a do-able craft that you can customize for yourself. The materials I am using are simple things I found in my mother's sewing box.

- Piece of elastic cordage
- Cream colored DMC thread (commonly used to make friendship bracelets)
- Needle and thread
- Random buttons: I used different sizes and textures but stuck to a main color scheme of pearly whites, silvers and pinks

Personally, I like elastic bracelets more than for example, a cuff or a bracelet with a clasp because you can have them fit your wrist without the struggle of closing the clasp one handed. 

First, I cut the elastic to fit my wrist and sewed the ends together to make a circle, our basic bracelet shape.
Sadly the piece of elastic was a dark green (didn't fit my color scheme at all!) and so I chose to cover it with the cream colored DMC thread by simply wrapping the thread around and over the elastic many times and knotting the ends. 
With the basic bracelet part done, I laid out the buttons I wanted to use and carefully sewed them on, through the elastic to get this end result:

What I've learned:

- Pick buttons of somewhat similar sizes. I chose 1-2 larger sized buttons and they seem kind of out of place.
- Different textures add a little whimsy and fun! I used some pearls and fabric buttons with a few sequins here and there for sparkle!

Hope you enjoyed this and try it on your own! Feel free to post questions/comments/successes and stay tuned for more!

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