Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Tank Top

I have a whole bunch of old tee shirts so I thought I'd try and make some of them more wearable, instead of only wearing them to sleep! This was a super easy project and although my first attempt did not come out as great as I would have liked, I have plenty of other shirts to practice on. Read on to see what I did!

- Old tee shirt
- Scissors

I started off by cutting the sleeves off and then collar part of the shirt. This is where you can really customize the look and fit of your soon-to-be tank top. I decided to go with a V-neck and thinner straps. Then, I cut off the bottom hem of the shirt all the way around. Keep in mind, you will need this part in the next step so try and cut it evenly! (I didn't do that great of a job heh)

Now flip your shirt over and take the long hemmed piece you just cut off and wrap it around the two straps. This will give it a racerback look. I wrapped about a 3 inch section, but this part is totally up to you! I ended mine with a small tied bow, but I know others have knotted it in different ways.

And.... your done! Try it on and check it out! Here's the front of mine:

And here's the back (I'm wearing a bandeau underneath):

What I've learned:

- Try on your shirt throughout the process to make sure you like the cut
- Do your best to cut clean, straight lines! (I'm going to do a better job with this next time)

This DIY tank would be great for wearing tot he gym, or on a lazy weekend or even casual events where you have to wear some kind of tee shirt. I wish I knew about this in college when I had all of those fundraising, student group and organization events.... could have made my shirt fun and pretty!

I hope you try this and let me know what you think! 

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