Friday, July 27, 2012

Faux Bob with a Twist

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to try out this thing called a "Faux Bob" but add a little twist (I know I'm super cheesy heh) to it! One of my friends recently cut her hair into this super cute bob, and I wanted to see if I could have a similar hairstyle or "look" without having to cut my hair (I'm actually trying to grow it out longer so that would just be devastating to have to cut it!). This "look" that I'm going for will look like a Bob in the front but from the back it will look like a loose twist. Also, I know many other sites tell you to curl you're hair for a more natural look but I wanted to try it with straight hair (since that would be more "natural" for me). Let's see how it goes!

My Hair:
This is how my hair is normally... kind of long and layered, and definitely not "Bob" length! It is very, very thick and gets frizzy so it can be difficult to work with at times. Hopefully it'll cooperate with me on this!

(Try to ignore the exercise bike in the background that I throw clothes on! Whoops!)

- Hair (mine's about medium to long, but feel free to try it at any hair length)
- Large flat clips
- Bobby pins
- Hair spray
- Smoothing/finishing hair balm

Before we get started, make sure you comb/brush your hair so it'll be easier to work with!

1. Divide your hair into a top and bottom half. Take the top half of your hair and twist it so that you can pin it underneath the top of your hair. When you pin it, you shouldn't be able to see the hair pin you used.

2. Now take the bottom half and twist it upwards and tuck it under the top of your hair but above the the first pin. Pin your hair there, underneath the top of your hair to hide the pin again. You're hair will kind of be in a ying-yang shape... if that makes more sense! Here is where we see the twist part of my tutorial. 

 3.  Now that we pretty much have the look down, I'm going to be fixing some loose hair that has fallen out. I'm going to pin back the shorter layers by my face and pin the pieces falling out underneath the bob itself. Just tuck those hairs in to give it a more polished look. 

4. Once you've gotten everything in place, you can spritz some hair spray on to keep it together. If you have smoothing cream on hand you can smooth down your unwanted flyaways as well.

Here's the final look:


Overall, this was something completely different than how I normally wear my hair and it was really fun to try! Honestly, because I naturally look young (baby face), I probably won't be trying this look too often, at least not without an edgy outfit or putting some make up on first (maybe a bright red lipstick?). I almost wish I had one of those "pill box" hats like the ones Jacky O wore, to go with this hair style!

What I've learned:

- This look has the potential to make me look wayyyy younger than I actually am!
- Use strong pins and clips to help your hair stay in place longer.
- Maybe next time try this look with curled or wavy hair.

This was a fun, quick and easy Updo that looked like a Bob from the front. It kind of tricks people into thinking you have short hair.  Let me know what you think and if your tried this look!

Alison <3

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