Monday, November 5, 2012

Dinner Paper Napkin Folding

Hi everybody! My friend showed me this cool paper napkin folding technique that restaurants use. I thought it was pretty cool so I figured I would share it with you. This is a cute was to dress up paper napkins when you have friends over for dinner. Hope you like it!

- Paper Napkin (one of the fancier kinds, I guess?)


1. Let's get started! Take your napkin and open in up like a book. Fold one layer from the bottom corner up to make a diagonal line.

2. Based on my picture above, turn the napkin clockwise once and flip it over. The bottom right corner on should be the start of the diagonal line when you turn the corner over. If so, fold the entire "back" of the napkin into three equal parts.

3. With the diagonal part now folded on the right bottom corner again, tuck the flap on the opposite side into the diagonal.

Flip it over and tuck your utensils in! My friend happened to work a Sushi place and they use chopsticks!

What I've learned:

- Napkin folding is so easy!
- Sharp creases will make it easier to fold.

How cute and easy is this napkin folding trick? I hope you guys liked this and try it out at your next dinner party. I don't have cloth napkins so this is simple alternative!

Alison :)

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