Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Nail Design

Hey guys! In the spirit of Halloween I thought I'd try a fun nail design! I decided to do a "scar/stitch" design as an accent for my nails! I am definitely a beginner when it comes to nails but for those of you want to try something festive and easy to do, keep reading!

- Nail polish (Red, Silver)
- Toothpick


1. First, paint your base color! I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Cherry Red. I painted 2 coats to (hopefully) prevent chipping. Let your nails dry completely before the next step!

2. Get your toothpick and a silver nail polish. You could also use a black nail polish for a more dramatic look. I used Petites in Twilight (which happens to be a favorite nail polish of mine)! Take your toothpick and dip it into the silver nail polish bottle, just to get a little of the color. Now use the toothpick to draw a diagonal line across your ring finger nail.

3. To continue with this "scar/stitch" look, add smaller "stitches" across the first diagonal line.

Here's the final look!

What I've learned:

If you get too much nail polish on your toothpick it'll glob onto your nail so just skim it along the edge of the bottle to wipe a bit off. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you get a chance to try it before Halloween! I had a lot of fun trying this out and I really like how it came out. I'm actually going to be a vampire this year so the red nails are definitely going to stand out on against a dark costume! 



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