Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tiny Button Present

Hey everyone! I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything in so long! So... I'm going to try and make it up to you with this Tiny Button Present post! I made this for my boyfriend awhile ago as a cheesy/cute/silly gift but I couldn't post it until after he found it, since it was a surprise! This is going to be dedicated to everyone trying to make a long distance relationship work! I hope you like it. ^.^

- Lined paper
- Scrapbook paper
- Scissors
- Button
- Writing Utensil
- Glue 

This is just a list of what I used, but use whatever you have at home already, I know I did! (Notice my scrapbook paper is a piece from my It's A Boy Card!)


1. Cut a rectangular piece of scrapbook paper. The dimensions will vary based on the size you want your box to be, but I recommend having the length to be significantly longer than the width. You need to make 3 small "cuts" on each side, not including cutting out a flap shape for the top of your box. The middle cuts are closer together on mine, and that will be the "back-side" of my box. (Insert funny joke about butt. hehe)

2.  Now fold your sides together, using your "cuts" as guidelines. When you fold each little flap in add a dab of glue, except for the "top" of your box. Just fold the flaps into the box to close it.

3. Great! Now that you've put together your box (with the top open and closing well), write a cute message! Since this is a Tiny Button Present, I wrote "You're as cute as a button!". You can always change up your message but I thought adding a tiny button with the message would make it extra cheesy. ;)

4. Here's the hardest part (also optional). I tied a small bow with string (kind of like miniature ribbon?) to pull the whole button idea together.

Here's what my Tiny Button Present looks like!

What I've learned:

- Make sure your initial cuts match up with one another, so your box comes out even on all sides.
- Tying string around a tiny box is a lot harder than you would think!

I made this Tiny Button Present for my boyfriend and hid it in his apartment when I visited him, so that he could find it after I left! (Oh the things I do to make a long distance relationship work :P) If you're considering making this for someone special, you should do it! :)

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and I promise there will be more to come soon!

Alison :)

PS - If you have a funny "back-side" joke for me, comment below!

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