Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sailors Knot Bracelet

Ahoy matey! Today I'm going to be posting a Sailors Knot Bracelet DIY for you to "sea" (get it?)! Okay, enough jokes... It took me awhile to figure out how to tie this knot so I hope this blog post will help any of you out there. I want to tell you that I tried to buy a metal clasp at the craft store but since they didn't have any big enough I just improvised something... I love this nautical bracelet and I hope you guys like it too! ^.^


- Rope/cord
- Shears
- Small piece of fabric
- Super glue

I actually got my rope from the handles of a shopping bag from a store! If you have ways to repurpose, why not?


1. I'm going to be showing you how to make the knot first. Start off with a piece of your rope and make a loop, so that the end that's further away from you is going over the other. Next take another piece of rope and lay it over the end further from you, and put it under the end of the first rope. Kind of confusing, but I hope the picutres help!

2. Now this will get even trickier. Lay the loop over the second strand. Then, take the end of the second strand closest to you and weave it over, under and over again through the original loop.

3. Great! If you pull the ends, you'll have your sailor's knot! You can leave it like this based on the size of your wrist and how you want your bracelet to look. I decided that it was too small so I did the same knot but with 4 pieces of rope instead of 2.

4. I meantioned that I couldn't find those metal clasps I wanted so I decided to secure it by trimming the ends of the rope and glueing them to a piece of fabric. Just use a little bit of super glue and wrap the fabric piece around the ends of your rope.

Once that's glued, you are done!

What I've learned:

- Be resourceful if you can!
- If the knot is pulled tight, the bracelet will feel looser. I like wearing it with the knot looser, so it fits perfectly to my wrist. When you put it on, have the knot tight and loosen it after you get it on your wrist!

I seriously love this bracelet! I've seen other people with similar things like making headbands with a Sailor's knot. You could try that too if you enjoyed this tutorial!

Anchors away,

Alison :)


  1. woot woot cool project
    Im going to try making a headband

  2. Thanks for posting this wonderful project for creating knot bracelets. I also try to create this knot bracelets.

    1. You have some amazing pieces of jewelry! I hope I was able to help you and thanks for the positive feedback!