Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY Beach Cover Up

Hi everyone! I wish I had done this post earlier since summer is almost over but I figured I'd still share it with you. This is meant to be a beach cover up dress, but I might wear it around the house too, since it's soo comfy!

- 1.5 yards of fabric (I used Jersey! The amount also varies on how tight/loose you want your cover up to be.)
- Shears
- Needle and thread



1. Measure your fabric by wrapping it around your body! Then lay it out on the floor and cut! I left an extra half inch just incase, but that's up to you! You can use measuring tape or pins as tools too.

2. Fold your fabric in half and cut an "arm hole" on both sides of your beach cover up!

3. From your extra fabric, cut two strips from it. These are going to be the straps for your beach cover up! There are two ways I tried for a strap detail. You can braid your strap, which will mean you'll need to cut it into three more strips, or.... you can twist it!


4. Now sew on your straps around the "arm holes" you cut out! I did a bunch of stitches to make sure it's sturdy!


5. Try on your new beach cover up! Just simply put your arm through one strap, wrap it around from fron to back and pull it onto the other arm. My straps were a little long, so I used some extra fabric and tied the straps together in a racerback shape. Congratualtions on finishing this project!

What I've learned:

- Buy extra fabric, just incase!
- If you want braided straps, cut three thick strips to braid. The tighter the braid the skinnier it gets!
- Don't worry if you're fabric seems short, it's supposed to be open back and it'll be longer once you try it on!

This is probably the easiest "dress" I'll probably ever make. It was so easy that I'll probably make more in different colors and patterns! I hope you guys like this DIY and maybe make one when spring/summer comes around again!

Keep on crafting!



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