Friday, August 31, 2012

Crochet Flowers

Hey guys! A few days ago I posted a Knitted Headband tutorial, and I've been thinking that it looks pretty plain. While I don't plan on bedazzling it or anything, I'm going to add a few flowers to make it a little more...pretty! Here's my attempt at crocheting a very simple flower! If you're knew to crocheting like me, hopefully this will help you. Keep reading to see how it turned out!

- Crochet hook (I used a 6.5mm!)
- Yarn
- Scissors


1. First, tie your slip knot directly onto your crochet hook. (Check out my Knit Cowl Neck Scarf tutorial for help!)

2. One of the beginners crochet stitches to learn is called the chain stitch, which I will be going through today! Start by taking the working end of your yarn and twirl it over your hook.

3. Pull your hook (with the working yarn tucked in it) under the original loop. This will create another loop/stitch! Keep on going based on the size of the flower you want. This will become the center of your flower! I had eight stitches for this part of my flower! :)

4. When you're ready to attach one end of your chain to the other, basically you do the same thing you've been doing but with an added step! Find a place where you want the two sides to attach and grab one strand of that chain so that you have two loops on your hook. Now do what you've been doing except pull your working yarn through both of the loops! Congrats! You've just made a small circle, and the middle of your flower.

5. With this concept, keep going by making chains and linking them to the center circle. You can make five or six petaled flowers based on the spacing of each link-attachment, and how many stitches your petals have. When you're done, tie the extra strings together on the back and trim them.

Congratulations! You just learned how to make a basic crochet flower!

What I've learned:

- To keep your petals the same size, count the number of stitches you make.
- Try to keep your crochet hook facing you as you work on your flower.
- If you want your petals to have a space in the middle, just all more stitches to each petal link!

I recognize that most crochet flowers are a lot more complicated than the one I'm showing you... but hey! I like that they're flat enough to add to my Knitted Headband. I ended up layering three flowers on the side of my headband and I love it! These are so simple to make and if you've never tried crocheting and want to, I highly recommend this!

Hope you liked this post,

Alison :)

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