Thursday, August 2, 2012

Button Hair Tie

Hi! I saw this cute and easy way to dress up a hair tie so I wanted to share it with you. This is really great because you can always change it up with the same hair tie, depending on the look you're going for. I wish I had done this earlier!

- Button (with the hole on the back)
- Hair Tie
- Optional: Needle and thread

Make sure your hair tie is thin enough to make it through the button, use your best judgement!

1. Take your hair tie and loop it through the button hole.


2. Once you do that, take the larger end and flip its over so that the smaller loop is tucked over. Pull on that smaller loop to make a knot and yay! You've just embellished your hair tie!


How easy was that?! If you want, you can sew the button to the hair tie in place with a needle and thread. I personally like the option of switching out the button so I'm going to use it as is. Here's what mine looks like:

What I've learned:

- Make sure you pick the right size button and the right size of hair tie, in terms of thickness. 
- Choose a button size based on the hair style you're planning on having. For example, a larger button for an up-do will look better than a small button. 

I really like that you can use this new, embellished hair tie basically the same as you would use it without the button. You just have to adjust it so that the button is showing. Here, I used it in a fishtail braid, but you can definitely use it to dress up a pony tail or bun as well as a half-up hairstyle. Next time I'm going to try it with different color hair ties (maybe neon?) and funkier buttons.

This was a fun, easy project with great results! I hope you guys like this DIY and tell you're friends about it!

Let me know how your new hair tie turns out!  :)


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