Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Origami Box

Hello everybody! Today I wanted to share something that I've been doing for years now and that's making Origami Boxes! You can make these in any size and they are great for holding random, smalls things like... office supplies (push pins, staples etc.), bobby pins, jewelry and whatever you can think of! I use them a lot actually when I eat sunflower seeds and peanuts because you can just throw the box away with the shells!

- Piece of paper

This is the shortest list of materials ever! I'm going to show a lot of pictures for this post, so check it out!


1. Fold your piece of paper in half (the hamburger way!). The open it back up and fold it diagonally, leaving a little bit on the ends (check out the picture). Do this for both sides so you have an "X" in the middle of your paper when you open it up. Now push in along the first crease you made so that you can pinch the 2 sides together.

2. Now push those sides down along the diagonal creases you made. You should have a wide, "house shape" when you're done with this step!

3. Next, fold in each side "wing" towards the center of your "house shape". You'll have four "wings" to fold (two on each side).

4. Great! Now, fold those two flaps at the bottom over so that they are on opposite sides.

5. Open up your Origami Box, and its ready to be used!

What I've learned:

- Describing origami in words gets weird, so I hope the pictures helped!
- Making those creases at the beginning help a lot later on.

I like to make a whole bunch at once, so that they'll be ready whenever you need them! I love storing a whole bunch inside one opened box because it looks neat and they're easy to grab. If you want to try this, just grab an old magazine and go to work while you're on the couch watching TV.  Before you know it, you'll have a whole box filled!

Hope you guys liked this post!

Alison :)

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  1. one time I made this at work to hold stationary (paper clips and what not) but using them to hold garbage is pretty smart. I think I'll use them when I eat pastashios!