Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Envelope

Hey therrr! As promised, I have a DIY Envelope post for you! I made this envelope for my DIY Pop-up Card (turtle) but you could use this to fit any card. I saw this idea on a few other sites so I had to try it for myself! Stay tuned if you want to see how it turned out.

- Double sided tape or glue
- Scissors
- Paper (I used construction paper)
- Picture printed on the center of a sheet of paper

*You can print out any picture based on the occasion!*


1. First, take your sheet of paper and fold it in half. Then cut it so that when you open it up, you'll have a heart shape!

2. Once you have your heart, fold in what's going to be the sides of your envelope. If you have your card, you can use it as a guide, so that your card fits just right. Then fold up the bottom, also using your card as a guide. Be sure to check if you can fold the top of the envelope down to meet the bottom part! Notice: Just fold the creases in, don't tape/glue anything yet!

3. Switching papers now! Lightly outline where you would cut your picture so that it fits right in between the side flaps of your envelope and the bottom part. Cut it out, making sure you have a rim along the top!

4. Now, tape/glue everything in place and............ you're done!

Whoops........ I kind of messed up on mine, with the picture being too low. Oh well, I hope your envelopes turn out better!

What I've learned:

-Triple check to see if everything's lined up. I thought my picture was centered but I forgot how high up the bottom flap of the envelope came up to. At least you can see most of the picture...
- Print the picture larger, so there's less white space.

Here's my last ditch effort to salvage my DIY Envelope... next time I'll get it right!

I really like the idea of a, personalized envelope with a little surprise inside, even though my execution in making one was a little off. I'm going to try this without pictures of people next time... maybe a picture of a cake for a birthday gift? I love getting snail mail, so I'm sure your friends and family will too!

I hope you liked this project! Let me know how yours turn out!

Alison :)

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