Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Toilet Paper Art

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you a project where I have been saving a bunch of empty toilet paper rolls for to make... Toilet Paper Art! The final product turned out great and I am so excited to share it with you! I hope you guys try this because it was so easy and the end product turned out great. Ironically, I ended up hanging this Toilet Paper Art in the bathroom! ^.^

- Glue
- Empty toilet paper rolls (I used six if you're going to try and save up!)
- Shears/scissors
- Push Pin

I peeled of as much of the leftover bits of toilet paper as I could before starting the project!


1. Cut up your toilet paper rolls! Mine didn't turn out all completely even but each piece was a little less than half an inch in thickness.

2. Now start gluing each piece together! I arranged mine in a pattern that I liked before gluing the pieces together (flower shape!) to have a blueprint in my head. I glued each piece one at a time, pinching the "petals" together for a few seconds so they'd stick. For the flower part, you'll have to glue both sides of the petal. Don't add too much glue, you only need a drop or so!

3. When I was working on the stem and leaf part of my Toilet Paper Art, I pinched the pieces together a little longer since they're only attached at one spot instead of being wedged between two petals.

Here's how mine turned out! Pretty awesome right?! I used a white push pin right in the middle of the flower to hang up my Toilet Paper Art!

What I've learned:

- Elmer's glue works surprisingly well for this project.
- This artwork is super light so a push pin works great to hang it up!

You can decide to paint your Toilet Paper Art (spray paint would probably be easy) but I kind of liked the irony if it! Apparently my parents thought it was funny too because they decided to hang it up in the bathroom for sh**s and giggles (get it? hehe)! Sorry, bad bathroom jokes... You can also mount your project on a poster of some sort if you wanted to give it a different background! let me know if you try something different or have more suggestions.

I hope you guys liked this tutorial and decide to decorate your bathrooms too!

Alison :)


  1. I LOVEEEE this one! Definitely gonna do it for my new roooom :)