Friday, August 24, 2012

Knitted Headband

Hey there! With fall and winter coming approaching faster than I would like, I thought I might as well get ready for it and make myself a warm, fuzzy headband! If you have already seen my Knit Cowl Neck Scarf post then you'll have a great jump start since I'll be using a lot of the same methods! I hope you try this!

- Knitting Needles
- Yarn
- Shears
- Crochet hook

If you're unsure about some of my steps, check out Knit Cowl Neck Scarf post for a better explanation and more pictures! I didn't want to have too much repeated for this post.


1. Tie a slip knot onto your knitting needle.              <-----

2. Cast on your yarn onto your needle. This will determine how thick your headband will be. I made ten stitches for mine.                      ----->

3. I decided to practice my knit stitch again (plus it's the only stitching method I know at this point)! I'm not even sure how many rows I knitted but I used the best measuring tool.... my head! Every once in awhile  wrap your "work in progress" headband around your head to see how much more you need to knit. Keep in mind your headband will be pretty stretchy and you don't want it to be too loose.

4. After getting my headband to the right length, I used the yarn (still attached to the ball of yarn) to weave both sides of my headband together. To do this, the crochet hook was the perfect tool! If you don't have a crochet hook, it'll just be more tedious and tricky but you can try and use your knitting needle to poke the yarn through. Just pull the yarn back and forth between both sides to lace your headband together.

And......... You're done! Here's how mine turned out!

What I've learned:

- Try on your headband before lacing up the ends together! I ended up having to undo a few rows because it was too loose.
- Knitting gets easier the more you do it!

I am so glad I made my headband wide enough so that it can cover my ears if it gets cold or windy out! I hope you guys try this out and make your own fuzzy, winter headband. It looks a little plain so stay tuned for a tutorial on Crochet Flowers to add to your headband, and make it even better!

Hope you liked this post!

Alison :)

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