Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY Cork Coasters

Hello everyone! It was my big's birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday Kevin! and shout out to AKPsi!) and I decided to make him Cork Coasters as a birthday present! These could also be used as wall art/cork board squares, so its all up to you! I'm trying to post different different things and maybe have projects that more guys might want to try, so here goes!

- X-acto knife (I finally got one!)
- Roll of cork
- Sharpie Paint oil based marker in Black
- Cardboard/foam/cutting surface
- Ruler or measuring tape
- Pencil
- Paper
- Thin piece of cardboard
- Superglue


1. Open up your roll of cork and lay it out as flat as you can. I pre-cut a 4x4 inch square on a piece of paper to trace onto the cork with a pencil. You can also just use a ruler and make marks directly on the cork. Trace/draw twelve of these squares. My cork is pretty thin so I decided to double it! With these twelve pieces you can make a coaster set of 6.

2. Once you have your cork squares ready, start cutting them out with an X-acto knife. Make sure you do all of the cutting over some kind of cutting mat, I used cardboard!

3. Grab your Sharpie Oil Paint marker and draw on any designs you want! They sell a bunch of different colors but I chose to keep mine simple with black. I free handed mine with pencil before going over it with the marker, but you could always make yourself a stencil or try something else! Kevin works with computers so I used a techie theme for my coasters! :-)

4. Notice that my coasters are still kind of rolled and not completely flat. I decided to sandwich a thin piece of cardboard between two pieces of cork. With the help of superglue, I mounted the curvy cork to  cardboard. Make sure you follow your glue instructions, and try not to glue your fingers together!

5. I left mine under a pile of books overnight to make sure they dried nice and flat.

Here's how my coasters turned out!

What I've learned:

- Make sure you don't buy crumbly cork. Someone at the store recommended the rolled cork to me! (always ask for help if you can!)
- Roll the cork the opposite way to help it lay flat.
- Wear gloves when using superglue! (My superglue kind of blew up in my hand...)
- Go back and check to see if there are any large gaps between your cork. Just a bit more glue in between!

This project was fun, especially since I've never really used an x-acto knife, so that was a learning experience in itself! I hope Kevin really likes his gift... He said he did and wants to use them on the as wall art instead of coasters, which is also a great way to use this project. Anyways, I hope you guys try it out! I think these make great gifts and I'm considering making a set for myself too!

What do you think?

Alison :)


  1. This is amazing! I am totally going to make a set of these for my home!

  2. I think I like these as wall designs also!